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We are the experts when it comes to all things electric and supply our customers with services 24 hours a day 7 days a week! We know that an electrical emergency can strike at any moment so we work around the clock to keep our customers safe.

Maytek Electrical Contracting take a open approach to services and offer up front quotes with no hidden fees.

The Electrician Beacon Hill technicians take pride in servicing homes and business in the area and accept all sized job.

The team of electricians are all fully qualified, licensed, havea wealth of experience and take on big and small jobs!day or night.

Maytek Electrical Contracting electricians know that getting the 'power back on' is important to getting your daily life back on track, we can be relied upon to get any job completed promptly and professionally.

Electrician Beacon Hill use modern techniques equipment and methods to keep our clients safeall year round. We have an Austel license and are a member of NECA, so you can trust us for a range of services.

Electrician Beacon Hill are committed to providing our customers' with the highest standards of electrical work possible, call us today on 0418 968 472 to find out more.

All our services come with free quotes, experienced electricians and can be performed on any day or night of the year. Your satisfaction is our priority.

The team at Electrician Northern Beaches by Maytek Electrical Contracting are trained, certified and are standing by to take your queries and call now.

Electrician Beacon Hill
Electrician Beacon Hill

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Electrician Beacon Hill
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